Communication is key for good landowner-tenant relationships.


By Ryan Flaming, County Extension Agent, Agriculture & Natural Resources


Good tenant-landowner relationships are always based on good communication just like every good relationship. Often when a land owner requests terminating a lease, he says poor communication is the leading factor. Here are some examples of a few questions that might be a sign there is poor communication the tenant and landlord.


* Why are my yields less this year?

* Why are you going to plant that?

* Where is my share of the grain being stored this year?

* When is harvest going to start?

* Why are there cows in my field? How long will they stay?

* Why isn?t there a crop growing in the field right now?

* When am I getting paid?

* Why are my yields less this year?


As a tenant it is critical to be able to rent and to hold on to the land you are farming in order to remain profitable. It is very important that when property changes hands, you as a tenant make sure you do what you can to keep in good communication with new landlord.


I really encourage all tenants to build and maintain a strong relationship with their landlord.



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