Atwoods’ commitment to Salina & coming soon to Hutchinson


Less than a year after opening in their present location, Atwoods Home and Ranch is set to undergo some renovations at its Salina store, demonstrating its commitment to the community.

While it might seem odd that work would be done so soon since it opened in fall 2021, Atwoods said it has always been the plan to update and make this store fit the needs of their customers.

“When we got that building last year, it was always our intention to go bigger with (it), to broaden it and do more of a remodel than what we did,” said Michael Noak, a spokesperson for Atwoods.

The store, located at 400 S. Broadway Blvd., is the former location of Kmart and Noak said at the time, Atwoods wanted to make sure to make its mark in the community before the end of 2021.

“We moved in to make sure we could open for the holiday season, just so it would be there for the customers,” he said.

Atwoods was issued a building permit by the city to begin remodeling, with the value listed as $1.7 million in work. Noak said the work to be done will be pretty extensive, especially on for the store’s exterior.

Atwoods is known for having its logo on a prominent, peaked-roof front, something that it planned to add to Salina anyway. They had installed a temporary sign when the store opened, but the wind storm that swept through the area shortly after it opened meant that construction probably needed to be moved up.

“We had 90-plus mph winds that knocked everything down,” Noak said.

Noak said this exterior design will really show the brand Atwoods has developed and the commitment the company has to being in the community; in this space.

“It will completely be Atwoods, we’re not leasing any other space,” Noak said. “It’ll be there to better suit our customers and show our core identity of our building’s presence.”

He said the store is committed to serving customers here, especially since it enjoys being in Salina, and in Kansas.

“We’re loving being in that market,” Noak said. “This is our fourth store in Kansas.”

Noak said Atwoods has been so pleased with this central Kansas market, it is also in the process of opening a fifth store in the state.

“We’ve got the exact same (thing) happening in Hutchinson…right now,” Noak said. “We got an old Kmart (building) down there…and are working on the remodel as we speak.”

Attwoods is committed to farmers, ranchers and city folk. Noak said the core of who Atwoods serves is farmers and ranchers, as evidenced by the majority of the products it sells.

“We’re there to serve the community and more importantly the outlying folks in the community,” Noak said.

He said that he hopes people within the city also have a reason to stop in though, especially with one particular section of the store.

“The main thing we want people that are in town to know is, we have the best price on pet food with all the top brands,” Noak said.

Finally, Noak said he expects customers who walk into the Salina Atwoods during this remodel, no matter if its the first or fiftieth time, to not have the work be a hinderance to finding the best products it offers.

“We may have a please excuse the dust sign, but other than that, (people can) come in,  and ask a team member if they have trouble finding anything,” Noak said. “We are happy to be there and (want people) to come check it out now, so (they) can see the difference later.”

As reported in the Salina Journal.


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