Diamond Springs Ranch: Where the Cowboy Way of Life Comes Alive


In a world that moves at breakneck speed, one place offers a chance to slow down and reconnect with the cowboy way of life. Welcome to Diamond Springs Ranch, where the clock turns back to a simpler time, and adventure is just a heartbeat away.
Since 2013, Diamond Springs Ranch has been a sanctuary for those seeking respite from the hustle and bustle. Nestled just 15 minutes north of Wichita, this ranch offers a unique blend of rustic charm and modern amenities that set it apart from the rest.
The Cowboy Experience After Dark Diamond Springs Ranch is delighted to announce the latest addition to its offerings, the “Cowboy Experience After Dark.” A moonlit walking adventure for the whole family, this event invites you to unearth the secrets of James Riley, a mysterious figure from history. Venture along starlit trails, and discover the secrets hidden in  the shadows of the past. The ranch will offer a “Cowboy Experience After Dark,” on Oct. 20, 21, 27 and 28.
“The Cowboy Experience After Dark” is a journey into the unknown, where the past and present converge in a delightful blend of thrills, chills, and laughter. It’s a chance to bond with family and friends under the enchanting Kansas night sky while experiencing the charm of the cowboy lifestyle.
Unveil the Unseen: Explore the Ranch’s Unique Offerings
Diamond Springs Ranch offers an array of unique experiences, including horseback trail rides, the iconic treehouse rental, and picturesque spaces for corporate events and weddings. What sets this ranch apart is the perfect harmony it strikes between rustic allure and modern comfort.
The three-story lodge, with its Colorado lodge-inspired design, offers a cozy retreat that will transport you to a different era. It’s a place where wood meets beams, and 30-foot ceilings meet your sense of wonder.
The treehouse, a true gem of Diamond Springs Ranch, is not your typical Airbnb stay. Perched among the trees, it embodies luxury and rustic charm, a unique escape where adventure meets relaxation.
For corporate events and weddings, Diamond Springs Ranch is the ideal venue. It caters to those who seek a departure from the ordinary, offering high-end experiences and picturesque settings that are second to none.
The Heart of Diamond Springs Ranch: Mission and Values
At the heart of Diamond Springs Ranch lies a deep mission: to help people rediscover the cowboy lifestyle, slow down, and evaluate their path in life. It’s a place where the relentless pace of the modern world takes a backseat to the serenity of nature and the wisdom of history.
Diamond Springs Ranch is not just a place; it’s a philosophy. It’s a belief that life’s best moments happen when we pause to appreciate them, and when we do, we can find our purpose.
Diamond Springs Ranch welcomes all adventurers, young and old, to embrace the cowboy spirit and embark on a journey of discovery. With each passing day, more people are finding their way to this hidden gem through word of mouth, social media, and online searches.
This ranch is not just a destination; it’s an experience waiting to be lived. So, saddle up and join the adventure. Unveil the unseen, explore the unknown, and relive the cowboy way of life at Diamond Springs Ranch.
Diamond Springs Ranch, located 15 minutes north of Wichita, offers a unique blend of rustic charm and modern comfort. Founded in 2013, the ranch provides an escape from the fast pace of life, allowing visitors to reconnect with the cowboy lifestyle. With horseback trail rides, an iconic treehouse, and stunning event spaces, Diamond Springs Ranch offers a retreat like no other. Visit Cowboyexperienceks.com for more information and to book your adventure.

What happened to gunman James Riley after the Newton shootout in 1871? [Courtesy/Diamond Springs Ranch]


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