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Home Kansas News Game Wardens search for information about poached deer

Game Wardens search for information about poached deer


RENO CO., Kan. (WIBW) – Game Wardens in South-Central Kansas are searching for information about a poached deer found over the weekend.

Game Wardens with the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks says that on Sunday morning, Oct. 22, they were notified by the Reno Co. Sheriff’s Office that a deceased deer had been found in the roadway.

Law enforcement officials said the deer appeared to have been shot and dumped near Woodberry Rd. and W. 125th Rd. on the Reno-Harvey County boarder.

Game Wardens said they found three slugs still in the deer, multiple rimfire casings and two spent buckshot shotshells.

If anyone has information about the incident, they have been asked to report it to Game Warden Besthorn at 316-215-2124.


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