Amaryllis, bringing it back into bloom


With proper care, amaryllis will bloom year after year. Bring the pot in
before the first frost and place in a dark location. Withhold water so
leaves have a chance to dry completely. Then cut them off close to the
top of the bulb. Amaryllis needs to rest for at least a month before the
plant is started back into growth. It takes an additional six to eight
weeks for the plant to flower.
When you are ready for amaryllis to resume growth, water thoroughly and
place the plant in a warm, sunny location. Do not water again until the
roots are well developed because bulb rot is a concern. Amaryllis needs
temperatures between 50 and 60 degrees during the period before
flowering. Higher temperatures can weaken leaves. The flower bud may
start to appear right away or the plant may remain dormant for a period
of time, but eventually all mature bulbs do bloom if they have been
given proper care during the growing season. Keep the plant in a cool
location and out of direct sunlight when the flower buds begin to show
color so that the flowers last longer. Amaryllis can remain in bloom for
about a month.


By: Ward Upham


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