Fall leaves


By: Scott Eckert, County Extension Agent, Horticulture

Leaves are falling!  Put them in the compost bin and make compost!
Compost needs moisture to continue breaking down.  Earlier this year we
had good and timely rainfall to do this for us but recently it seems we
have gone dry.  If you have a compost bin it may have gone dry too.   This
is a good time to check the bin or pile to make sure it is still
functioning properly.   This is the time of year when there are lots of
materials available to compost. Remember that the compost needs to be kept moist so that the bacteria and fungi can break down the raw materials.

Use a sprinkler to soak through the pile to the center. Allow the pile to drain. The goal is for the pile to remain moist; not waterlogged. Edges will dry out the quickest and may need a light sprinkling from time to time.


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