Healthy plants are happy plants!

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Healthy plants are happy plants! This may be hard to come by in Kansas in the winter. Prevent, or at least minimize, pest issues on indoor plants by choosing the right plants and providing good overall care. Learn about basic care and growing needs for your plant.

Grow plants in the best possible conditions

Select plants with growing requirements that match the indoor environment (humidity, light, temperature).
Plants cannot fight off pests when they are struggling to grow in too little light, overly wet or dry soil, too hot or too cold air temperatures, etc
Sufficient light is important for healthy plants.
Water plants properly

Know how much water your plant needs.
Water the soil at the base of the plant, not the leaves.
Be sure the plant’s pot drains well.
Avoid letting plants stand in water.
Over-watering and poor drainage can cause root rot and encourage fungus gnats as well as other pest issues.

Remove dead leaves and flowers

Apply fertilizer at half the recommended strength.
Fertilize when the plant is actively growing.
Keep plants clean

Keep soil surface free of dead leaves, stems and flowers.
Wash plant leaves with a damp cloth as dust and grime can reduce plant health. Never use leaf shine products or milk.
Prune out dead branches and stems.
Use new, sterile potting soil when potting plants

Never pot indoor plants using soil from the garden.
Avoid using soil from open bags of potting soil that have sat outside for potting indoor plants. Save it for your outside pots.
Plant in clean pots and wash soil off of plant roots.


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