Lettuce sandy


The first AAS winning lettuce since 1985, Sandy is an attractive oakleaf type lettuce with a multitude of sweet tasting frilly dark green leaves. Not just pretty and tasty, Sandy has exceptional disease resistance, especially to powdery mildew and is slow to bolt. Use Sandy as cut and come again baby leaf, or grow to full maturity for loose salad heads. The uniformly mounded loose heads are well adapted to both raised beds and containers. When planted with cool season flowers, Sandy will add an abundance of interesting texture to patio containers. Sandy is the second AAS Winner that is available as organic seed.
Can be planted in patio containers with cool season edible flowers to enjoy.  Typically not bitter when heat-stressed. Sandy has exceptional bolt resistance and is especially resistant to Powdery Mildew disease. Can be used for baby leaf cut and come again or grown to full maturity for loose salad heads.




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