Monitor indoor plant temperatures


Now would be a good time to check the location of foliage houseplants
to be sure the plants don’t get too cold this fall or winter. Plants next to
windows or in entryways near outside doors are at the greatest risk. Plants
sensitive to cold temperatures include Chinese evergreen (Algaonema),
flamingo flower (Anthurium), croton (Codiaeum), false aralia (Dizygotheca),
and ming and balfour aralia (Polyscias).
Monitor and maintain temperatures above 65 degrees F for the false aralia
and above 60 degrees for the rest of the list. Many other indoor plants
prefer temperatures above 50 degrees. If needed, move plants away from the
windows or door entrances to reduce cold temperature exposure.
It may be necessary to move some plants from windowsills before shades or
drapes are pulled, especially in the evening.


By: Ward Upham


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