Resources for gardeners


Kansas State University publications address a variety of topics

MANHATTAN, Kan. – In a twist on the summertime whodunit mystery, K-State Research and Extension is providing something more like a howdunit, as in how to plant a vegetable garden and other gardening and landscape topics.

Hundreds of publications and fact sheets are available online and through local K-State Research and Extension offices and this time of year, the perennial favorite is the Kansas Garden Guide, which takes the reader from planning to planting and harvesting a vegetable garden, plus information about composting, container gardening, raised beds, watering, recommended tools and more.

Other favorites this time of year are:

For growers who are not only putting food on their own tables but selling at farmers’ markets, Food Safety for Kansas Farmers Market Vendors is available.

A new publication added to the K-State bookstore this spring is Conifer Trees for Kansas: A Guide to Landscape Evergreens.

More information and many more publications on a wide array of topics, including agriculture, health, consumer finance and more are available at county and district K-State Research and Extension offices and online at, click on bookstore.



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