‘Tis the season!

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‘Tis the season! Time to give gifts for Christmas! For the gardener, tools are handy to work the soil and plant. What are some of these tools or other gardening items that could be garden gifts for Christmas? The lists below will help you get started. Other tools and supplies will likely be needed as your garden develops, but these are the minimum items needed to get started. Some garden tools are designed with accessibility in mind, with padded grips, longer handles, or other special features.

General List of Gardening Supplies:

• Spading fork or shovel or tiller

• Hoe and garden rake

• Trowel

• Sprayer or duster

• Labels or row markers

• String and yardstick

• Fertilizer

• Fungicides and insecticides as desired

• Hose and other irrigation supplies

• Compost, manure, or peat moss

• Trellises, stakes, and cages as necessary


Any of these items would make great practical gifts for the gardener in your life!


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