Tree Damage during Storms

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With the potential for stormy weather this week I was reminded that occasionally trees get damaged during this kind of weather. After so many years of this it may end up killing the tree or making them structurally unsound and need to be replaced. Windbreaks are a good example of this. Replacing these trees can be expensive but thanks to the Kansas Forest service we have a resource in Kansas for several types of trees and shrubs!


Anyone wanting to plant for windbreaks, woodlots, songbird or other wildlife habitat, erosion control, riparian filter strips, Christmas tree farms, or similar, may purchase these items. Items offered through the Kansas Conservation Tree Planting Program MAY NOT BE USED FOR LANDSCAPING OR RESOLD FOR LIVE PLANTS. There are no restrictions on the purchaser such as urban versus rural, in-state versus out-of-state, or landowner versus tenant. Governmental agencies may use the plants for any purpose deemed necessary, such as providing plants to students on Arbor Day, as door prizes, or recognition. KFS will ship out-of-state if requested to do so.


The website to order is: Conservation Tree Planting Program (


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