Kansas Technology Company Viaanix Announces New Technology for Agriculture Industry pplications


Viaanix, an emerging technology company located in downtown Wichita, is
proud to announce the successful development of groundbreaking technology and the intent to move to market.

Over the past decade, Viaanix has invested heavily in the development of state-of-the-art
software that can best be described as a universal translator for communication data, such as Bluetooth, cellular, GPS, RF, and more. This software sets Viaanix apart in the industry and has positioned the company to rapidly become a leader in IoT solutions.

As a proud Kansas tech company, Viaanix is committed to investing in the community and
technology development. With a unique combination of hardware and software experts under one roof, Viaanix sets itself apart from other related businesses that focus heavily on either software or hardware. This gives Viaanix flexibility to rapidly prototype and create original equipment in-house, setting them apart from competitors.

The company’s future plans include continued investment in the Wichita area and technology development; to meet the ever-evolving needs of the IoT industry, and to help ensure Kansas keeps its seat in the technology industry.

We are thrilled to be located in Wichita, Kansas and bring emerging technology to the
Midwest, said Jatin “Jay” Talreja, CEO of Viaanix. Our investment in the community and
technology is a testament to our commitment to excellence and our dedication to serving the needs of our clients.

Kansans should feel proud to have such a forward-thinking technology company in their midst. Viaanix is a shining example of the Midwest ability to compete and lead in the technology industry.

For more information on Viaanix, please visit www.viaanix.com.


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