Sources for tomato seed


Gardeners who start tomatoes from seed often have difficulty
locating a source for specific varieties.  We have put together a table
identifying sources for all of the tomatoes we recommend at *.  We have also included
a few old standby varieties including some heirlooms and a number of
newer varieties that have done well in tomato trials.  We could not
include all possible sources of seed but tried to include the more
common companies used by home gardeners.  Let us know if there is a
source you feel needs to be added.  The document can be found at Note the first page identifies
varieties and sources and the second page gives the web address and
phone number for each company.
* No sources were found for Sun Leaper or Sunmaster
Note that we have also requested local sources of seed and/or
transplants in an accompanying article.  That information will be shared
in a later newsletter.  (Ward Upham)


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