Laugh Tracks in the Dust


Ah, recall nostalgic Christmases,

So many years ago.

That fondly stir up memories,

And tug our heart-strings so.


T’was back when the old Christmas tree,

Was a cedar, not a pine.

That Dad cut from the Back 40,

And for us kids, that was fine.


We enjoyed tramping out with Dad

Down the creek and up the hill,

‘Til we found the perfect size and shape

That for Mom would fit the bill.


Dad’s hand saw brought down the tree,

And trimmed the trunk just right.

And, when standing in the living room.

It made kids’ eyes shine bright.


Then came the fun we all looked for,

Trimming the tree on Christmas Eve.

Using just the stuff we found at home

Or Mom pulled out her sleeve.


Cranberries strung end to end,

Popcorn garland and popcorn balls

Became our homemade ornaments

And fond memories to us all.


A star made out of tinfoil,

Adorned the cedar’s tip.

A few glass globes with history

Went on, with eggnog’s sip.


Tinsel cut from aluminum foil,

Provided the final touch

That put the sparkle to the tree

That we all enjoyed so much.


Alas, the tree was finished

Standing fine in all its glory.

Then was time for Dad to read,

The true Biblical Christmas story.


About Joseph and his Mary

And baby Jesus ‘neath a star

With animals and shepherds

And wise men from afar.


Then us kids were sent to bed,

Heated blankets kept us warm.

We slept with great anticipation

Of presents the following morn.


We woke wide-eyed before the dawn,

And down the stairs we flew

To find ol’ Santa’d made his trip.

We weren’t surprised. We knew!


Sure enough, we found our presents

In our stockings and ‘neath the tree.

One toy, a flannel shirt, a knitted cap,

An apple and orange to eat with glee.


Electronic gadgets? There were none.

Just common stuff we’d need.

But, oh, the memories we made

Nostalgic tree? Why, yes, indeed!


Wishing all the very best wishes for the Christmas season and the upcoming 2024 New Year? Make plenty of holiday memories. They are the gift that keeps on giving.

Have a good ‘un.


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