Chronicles of The Farm Woman: Accordion


A country girl has recently proven to be a social genius.  She went to the city for a week’s visit with an aunt.  The aunt lives in the suburbs.  This girl who knows all the neighbors at home for miles around set out to get acquainted with the suburbanites.  Because she likes people they reciprocated.  She found them all interesting.

At the end of five days she decided to have a party.  All the neighbors for three blocks up and down the street were invited and they came.  Introductions had to be made.  Some of these people had lived on the street three years and were not acquainted.  Each one had some contribution to make to the afternoon’s entertainment.  Youngster girls were taking dancing lessons. Others sang.  A young mother who played the violin had not been asked to play for months.  A gray-haired grandmother sang old songs.  It was a gay afternoon thoroughly enjoyed by everyone present.

The girl has returned to the country.  Little did she realize that her party was an achievement in the neighborhood.  All the folks up and down the street miss her.  They wonder when she will return.  Is there sufficient initiative and leadership to stage another successful party?  Or did the guiding genius of this youngster account for its success?

Daughter is studying on the accordion this summer.  Not that she is especially interested in it.  But it pleases father mightily.  One of fathers dreams was of being a master on the accordion.  That which he did not attain he desires his offspring to grasp.

How true this of all parents. Those youthful dreams and ambitions which we were unable to fulfill, we desire to pass on to our children.  For this reason many youngsters are sent to college.  It also causes some adolescent flares and clashes.

Instead of permitting youth to fulfill its own dreams and ambitions we want them to bring ours to fruition.


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