Chronicles of The Farm Woman: Civil Service


The legal notice in fine type has been published in many of the Kansas papers recently.  It is a notice published by the Secretary of State regarding the civil service amendment to the constitution.  Little if any discussion of this proposal is seen in the press or heard in conversation on the street.  Yet, it is of importance to every citizen of the state.

As each voter enters the polls in November he or she will be handed a constitutional amendment ballot which will contain the phrase “The Civil Service Amendment to the Constitution.”  It is no political party football.  Each party at various times has endorsed civil service.  Governor Ratner came out for the merit system two years ago and urged the legislators to submit this constitutional amendment to the voters.

The merit system will provide careers for statecraft rather than patronage plums as now exist.  Young men and women will be encouraged to enter government service as well as the professions.  They will prepare for and take examinations in various branches of state government.  They will do this with the assurance that there will be some permanence to their positions as long as each one does his work well.  This should result in better governmental administration.

Women should be especially interested in this constitutional amendment.  They want sound economy in government.  And good government is similar to good housekeeping.  The cook who knows how to bake good biscuits does not waste the flour as does a raw inexperienced girl.  The trained homemaker practices real economy.  The adoption of the civil service amendment will result in more thrift in government.

Statesmanship  as a career will elevate the plane of government and give us greater returns for our tax dollar.  Find out more about this amendment and vote yes in November.


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