Chronicles of The Farm Woman: Cookie jar


Now and again one reads directions for keeping the cookie jar filled.  None ever worked at this house.

It may be highly complimentary to the cook, after she has combined the ingredients that go to make good cookies to have four or five pairs of hands reach out to sample each panful as it comes from the oven.  She hovers over the last pan and guards it as closely as the White Rock hen does her one chick.

A survey of kitchen, after two hours of labor, reveals soiled mixing bowls, cups, spoons, rolling pin and bread board and one cookie sheet half filled with cookies – barely enough for supper.  And still there are folk who would tell us how to fill the cookie jar.

However a recipe in the current farm Bureau News has caught our eye.  Castor oil cookies.  Two cookies are said to be equal to a dose of caster oil.  Can’t you think of several people you would like to feed such dainties?  At the mere mention of the new recipe the hired man shies off and says he will almost be afraid to taste cookies any more.  Perhaps here at last is the answer as to how to keep the cookie jar filled. 


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