Chronicles of the farm woman: Thanksgiving


Americans are prone to worship big things.  We boast of our tallest building, largest mansion, victorious football team, et cetera.  It may be that we are getting away from this to some extent.  Man is a pretty small creature in the universe after all.  Time was when the family which had the largest Thanksgiving turkey was the envy of the neighborhood.  Nowadays the biggest turkey will not even go in the oven of the new stove.  And the Department of Agriculture is conducting intensive experiments to reduce the size of the strutting gobbler.

The young husband brought home the largest bird from the market.  The wife scurried all over the neighborhood for a roaster large enough to accommo-date the bird.  When none could be found, she had to amputate the running gear and the wings.  As the once proud turk graced the festive board it appeared that his race had lived too long upon this earth.  When there are no drumsticks for the children the race is indeed falling into decay.

At this Thanksgiving season rural school children are grateful to the local theater manager for scheduling “Heidi” at this time.  Shirley Temple is the idol of all country kids.  “Heidi” is a favorite story.  In addition the fourth grade social studies unit is about Switzerland.  The dishes were washed in no time.  The living room is spick and span.  Everything is co-ordinated, correlated and consummated.


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