Roger’s view from the hills: The state of our being

       What is it about the collective soul of a nation that allows meanness and bullying to be considered an art form.  There is no man ever lived, but one, that did not have faults and even have done bad things in his life.  Whether the individual has redeemed themselves or not it is not our affair.
       What has started this national fascination of bringing down iconic people?  It is even worse when there is no proof of the occurrence of crimes and misdemeanor’s, just accusations.  Seems that the longer time has gone by and there is no legal proceedings it is worse that if it happened yesterday.
       There is no appeal from public opinion and if enough time goes by there is not even defense in the system to defend ones name.  Yet the news media finds this type of story to be so important that they can destroy a person with no fear, to the point of even voiding the volume of lifetime accomplishments.
       Finding someone will accuse 30, 40, and 50 years later seems to be a journalistic principle.  If so Journalism is dead.  Along with it is history.  For both have to be judged with the backdrop of their times and applying todays values to a story is revisionist.
       How is your soul?  Well lets run some names.  Martha Stewart, Clarence Thomas, Paula Dean, Bill Cosby.  Were you delighted at the amounts of money and the reputation that each is left to deal with after their lives and reputations were made the subject of public ridicule?
      What of the human failing of greed that will claim membership in a victim group because there is a pool of money that is at stake.  I imagine after 40, 50, & 60 years, a lot of the claimants of being violated by clergy were even eligible to be there let alone make money from it.  It is just fashionable to create hate and see how much a person can make out of being a victim, whether they were or not.
      My opinion of the ethos of Public Radio dropped sharply when a reporter finds it so compelling that he had to bring up Bill Cosby’s allegations.  Not because there was legal merit but that there is no way for Mr. Cosby to answer without putting in question his innocence.
      For many years now I have had the opinion, that the opinions of Mr. Cosby will be setting him up for the attack against his character because he advises in no uncertain terms what is wrong with society and that the only cures for the wrongs is to take responsibility.
       I am so sad that this is true.  And the others who share the position in his community are now involved in creating a race war.  If you take personal delight in any of this I fear for your soul.


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