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Doris Schroeder

I Remember Attending the Country School in the 40s

            The longer I live on this earth, the more I appreciated the freedoms we enjoyed in the days of attending the Sunrise country...

I REMEMBER NOW is the time!

When I was in high school in the 40s and 50s, and took typewriter lessons, we practiced typing with this phrase “Now is the...

I remember: The Reno County Champion Frog-jumper in 1995

Just twenty-three years ago this summer we had the privilege of witnessing a Reno County frog hop over the line easily on one of...

I remember The 4th of July SPARKLES with memories!

“To be free” means different things to each of us, and to many of us, it is taken for granted. We, who are now...

I Remember: The sunrise blazes out pathway to writer

On a lonely Kansas hill located by a shelterbelt of old trees and a barbed wire fence sits the place that once fanned my...

I remember: A letter to my Dad on Father’s Day

Dear Dad, How life has changed since you left us to go to heaven forty f our years ago! I doubt if you would recognize...

My Mother’s Song

The year we had to put my mother in a nursing home was really traumatic for both her and me. Ever since, Mother’s Day...

I remember: Graduation came at last!

According to the calendar, it was over sixty-seven years ago that I marched down the aisle of the little Buhler High School auditorium to...

I remember: My fear factors in the Forties

         “There is nothing to fear but fear itself!” is a quote by Franklin D. Roosevelt that had been cited to...

I  Remember We SPRING into action!

              Awaking early this morning to the welcome sound of pitter patter on the street, I knew in my...