El Dorado Reservoir Fishing Report


Fishing Report – Last Update: 12/15/2014

credit – KDWPT

photo credit – Craig Chew-Moulding

Species Rating Size Baits, Method, & Location
New Video

Spring Bass Sampling

KDWPT Fisheries Biologists annually sample largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and spotted bass populations to gather valuable data which is used in formulating fisheries management plans. This video shows a summary of a typical day in the electrofishing boat while sampling is being conducted.

See the video at http://youtu.be/R1jK9YZJYuI .

Zebra Mussels Zebra mussel veligers (larval zebra mussels) are too small to be seen with the unaided eye and they can be found in boat livewells, minnow buckets, boat bilges, water toys and anything else that is capable of holding even a small amount of water.

Be sure to drain all equipment before leaving the lake to avoid moving veligers to other waters. THIS INCLUDES MINNOW BUCKETS AND BOAT LIVEWELLS AND BILGES!!!

CLEAN DRAIN & DRY Every Lake, Every Time!

Click HERE to learn how to prevent the spread of zebra mussels.  REMEMBER!! Zebra Mussels are also present in the Trout Area below the dam!!

Blue catfish Fair 15 to 30 inch A video showing electrofishing for blue catfish at El Dorado Reservoir can be seen HERE.

Blues are being caught out of the the river channels on fresh shad or cut baits.  Most are 15 to 21 inches in length with the occasional bigger fish caught.

Minimum length limit of 35-inches in effect.  Fish less than 35-inches must be immediately released.

Most of the blue catfish in the lake are below the 35-inch minimum length limit and must be released immediately. Take time to properly identify your catfish catch. Click HERE for information on how to properly identify your catch.

Wiper Slow Few recent reports available.

Be sure to properly ID your catch as there is there is an 21-inch minimum length limit and 2/day creel limit on wiper.. Click HERE for tips on identifying wipers.

White bass Slow up to 14-inch Few recent reports available.

Wipers can be caught along with white bass so it is important to properly identify your catch before putting it on a stringer. Click HERE for tips on identifying wipers.

White Perch Fair Up to 8-inch White perch can be found on old roads, humps, and river channels.  Live bait is deadly on white perch but they can also be caught on small spoons, jigs, and small crankbaits.  Fishing is fast and furious when you get on a school of white perch.

Click HERE for info on properly identifying white perch.

White crappie Fair to Good up to 14-inch 15 to 18 feet deep in brush piles on jigs.  Also along river channels and ledges.
Channel Catfish Fair up to 4 lbs Few recent reports available
Walleye  Fair up to 26 inch A few walleye are being caught by anglers targeting crappie.


Rainbow Trout Good, but small up to 14 inch with some large fish reported.  Most of the recent catch have been smaller than average. Trout were last stocked on December 3.

Anglers are catching limits (5/fish) on a variety of baits including Powerbait, corn, and cheese.  Fish are also hitting spoons, spinners, and jigs.  Fish are currently running smaller than normal.  Fish to 6.75 lbs have been reported this year.


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