Mulvane High School Animal Cruelty Investigation


MULVANE, Kan. —KAKE reported that police in Mulvane are investigating up to two cases of animal cruelty involving students of an area school.

The alleged crime(s) happened in early March of 2015, but police only found out last Friday after a report was filed with the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office.

Mulvane Public Safety Director Dave Williams said that the allegations are as follows: On March 7, a group of high school students bought a baby chicken. Later that day or on March 8, the chick was thrown onto the Mulvane High School parking lot where it was run over by a car several times.

The possible second incident took place a week later involving the same group of students at El Dorado Lake.

Allegedly the students took turns throwing chickens into a bonfire they started. Police indicated they are looking for a video from that incident.


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