Ricke serves on board four years


With Pratt Community College’s Accounting and Business program being accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools & Programs (ACBSP), business instructor Carol Ricke joined their board so she would know more about them.

“I wanted to be involved so I would better understand the accreditation process,” Ricke said. “I figured it would help out when we get accredited again.”

The board is made up of 10 regions and has one person on the board from each area.

They met twice a year in Kansas City for two days each time, to review information that schools had sent in. Ricke said the information included schools requesting first-time accreditation, reaccreditation or QAs. Reaccreditation happens every 10 years, and QA’s (Program Quality Assurance Reports) happen every other year.

“I enjoyed going to the meetings and working with people,” Ricke said.

Ricke’s four year term ended in late 2014. Since stepping down she has started going on site visits for ACBSP, which involved going to the schools and ensuring that they are doing what they say they are in the accuracy of the accreditation reports and QAs.

She said she enjoys doing these visits and being involved in the process and is planning to continue in the future.

credit: Pratt Community College


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