Fruit planting preparation


If you plan to develop or add to your fruit garden next year, now is a good
time to begin preparing the planting site. Grass areas should be tilled so
grass does not compete with the fruit plants for soil moisture and
nutrients. Have the soil analyzed for plant nutrients. Your local K-State
Research and Extension agents have information to guide you in taking the
soil sample. From that sample, the agent can provide recommendations on what
and how much fertilizer to add to correct nutrient deficiencies. Organic
materials such as compost, grass clippings, leaves, hay, straw or dried
manure, can be tilled into the soil to help improve its condition. Time and
weather conditions generally are more suitable in the fall than in the late
winter and spring for preparing soil. If fruit plants can be set by early
April, they will have developed a stronger root system to support plant
growth than they would if planted later.
If there are only a few plants to be planted, consider tarping each planting
area to guard against a wet spring, delaying planting after plants are
shipped and received.


By: Ward Upham


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