Enjoy the benefits of coffee

Larry Vincent
Larry Vincent

Melissa Bess, Nutrition and Health Education Specialist, Camden County, University of Missouri Extension

Many people like to start the day with a fresh cup (or cups) of coffee. In the past, it was believed that coffee could be harmful. But research has shown that, overall, there is little evidence of health risk and there is actually evidence of health benefits for adults consuming moderate amounts of coffee (3-4 cups per day, providing 300-400 mg per day of caffeine).

September 29 is National Coffee Day and there are reasons to celebrate this beloved beverage. Coffee has many health benefits. Preliminary studies have indicated these possible valuable benefits:

  • Lowers risk for Type 2 diabetes
  • Lowers risk for Parkinson’s disease
  • Protects against development of colorectal cancer
  • Lowers risk for cirrhosis and liver cancer
  • Reduces risk for all-cause mortality

A plain cup of brewed coffee only has between 2 and 5 calories. But adding extras to our coffee can add extra fat and calories. Here are some common coffee drinks and the amount of calories and/or fat in each…

To learn more about the types of drinks that should be avoided and the types of people who might have adverse reactions to coffee, read the full version of this article at http://missourifamilies.org/features/nutritionarticles/nut437.htm


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