New Schweiss container and show trailer doors open up possibilities


Shipping and commercial containers come in many forms and sizes, but many don’t have
door accessibility. Even dealing with conventional containers with a door located at the
end can be a hassle. Now Schweiss Doors can make any container, whether it be for
backyard storage, rail or ship transport, much more user-friendly by fitting it with one or
more hydraulic doors on the sides or both ends for increased, easy access.
Imagine having to open a container door and then you fill it completely full from front to
back. Then you remember you need to get something from the center. It’s really
cumbersome and not easy to get things out of a container once it is stacked full. You
could use the option of leaving an aisleway down the center, but that makes storage space
even smaller.
Containers with side or endwall steel doors can easily be opened and closed for loading
or unloading with a forktruck or other means. Container doors can be attached to all four
sides of a container or even on the top of it. Schweiss Door engineers can work with you
to design any configuration you might desire.
Schweiss one-piece hydraulic container doors are prehung on their own frame with the
best compact pump on the market, strong cylinders and spherical bearings. They can be
opened and closed by remote control quickly and quietly and have very few moving parts.
A hydraulic door which opens from the bottom up also provides a canopy or awning
protecting the inner contents from excessive sun or inclement weather.
All Schweiss doors are custom made to fit your container to exact measurements. These
doors can be designed with windows, walk doors or to accept any exterior cladding or
insulation desired. When you close the container doors you can also be assured that your
product is burglar-proof and secure, but easy to get to.
Schweiss doesn’t just make container doors, they can also build you a customized
container or design a container for use at trade shows. A sidewall hydraulic door on a
container can also serve as a display booth.The beauty of this is the container is all selfcontained
and can be set up or closed down secure and fast. When you arrive at a show
site, all you have to do is open the door and you are in business. It’s ideal for companies
marketing, displaying and selling their wares, and even for food vending containers on
wheels. The possibilities are endless.


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