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    Your Buddy Merry

    Roger, I always enjoy your Views. I usually have to agree wholeheartedly also.
    You are a sage of sanity in this age of insanity and self-absorbed people. I have been stunned when, on social media, family members are turning against each other and “unfriending” each other over politics and political views. How sad. This country has seen more division – by racial hatred, politics, and economics – than I have seen in my lifetime.
    This last eight years has spawned more open hatred and bigotry than was experienced in the time before integration. I remember the 50’s. It was peaceful protest – NOT hatred, murder, looting, burning, and destruction. Of course in those days welfare was a last resort, and not a desired lifestyle. People were raised to work for a living, and feel pride in doing that. Now they scream that the government “owes” them a living, and whatever they want.
    Yes, we got “Change” alright. Hatred of non-blacks, brutality towards them, openly and with pride and no repercussions, as well as murder and theft – are ignored or considered acceptable? I will never understand that thinking. We are now the ONLY group allowed to be “bashed”, insulted, treated with disgust, offended openly, and even beaten or murdered.
    Christian, heterosexual, pro-life, pro-gun, working middle class Americans – are the new Minority and are being abused and expected to work two or three jobs to support our families, while providing for the larger class of welfare abusers and illegals that are gaining numbers and support daily.
    I will vote for anyone that stands against the liberal left, and wants to try and bring some right to all the wrong that is gaining strength every day.
    God bless America and maybe it will be our generation that says “Enough”.


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