Three School Records and Multiple PRs for Bulldog T&F


Crete, Neb. – The records continue to fall for McPherson College track and field.  The team competed in the Scott Nisely Memorial meet hosted by Doane College for their second meet of the year.  Dixon Cooney took another record, as did the 4x400m relay squad for the men.  Dajana Gliesche snapped the long jump record for the women.

Cooney posted a time of 1:58.76 in the 800m run, grabbing first place.  The 4x400m unit, consisting of Marlon Clayton, Jawaun Stuart, Perry Joseph, and Akim Muhammad, took another .12 off of the record that was set last week.  Joseph was just one-tenth off his own record in the 60m dash; he has now won the event two weeks in a row.  J’Moi Penn took second in the 200m dash with his time of 22.77.

For the women, Gliesche’s jump of 5.30m (17′ 4.75″) was good enough for the Bulldog record and a sixth place finish.  Jazmine Alexander ran a 7.89 in the 60m dash to earn her first crown of the year; the senior took fifth in the 400m dash with a time of 1:01.70.

Click here for the complete results.

The ‘Dogs will have a week off until their next competition.  They will travel to Nebraska Wesleyan on January 23rd for their final meet prior to the KCAC Indoor Championships which are slated for February 13-14.

Click here for the men’s team’s performance list.

Click here for the women’s team’s performance list.

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Complete Men’s Results:

60m Dash – 1. Perry Joseph 6.87
60m Dash – Josiah Oyebefun 7.10
60m Dash – J’Moi Penn 7.16
60m Dash – Akim Muhammad 7.18
60m Dash – Todge Cooper 7.47
200m Dash – 2. J’Moi Penn 22.77
200m Dash – Josiah Oyebefun 23.07  PR
200m Dash – Marlon Clayton 23.39
200m Dash – Demetres Greenwood 23.87
200m Dash – Todge Cooper 24.79  PR
200m Dash – Jeremiah Friend 25.71
400m Dash – 3. Akim Muhammad 53.15
400m Dash – 6. Jawaun Stuart 54.25
400m Dash – Corinthian Bond 58.87
400m Dash – Jeremiah Friend 59.29
600m Dash – Julian Nagata 1:26.71  PR
600m Dash – Michael Janzer 1:28.77
800m Dash – 1. Dixon Cooney 1:58.76  PR  SR
800m Dash – Miguel Luna-Sánchez 2:07.52
1-Mile Run – Christopher Newell 4:49.14  PR
1-Mile Run – Jordan Bost 5:05.90  PR
1-Mile Run – Jonathan Dominguez 5:13.22
5000m Run – 2. Kurt Katzdorn 16:48.14  PR
5000m Run – 4. Chris Le 17:25.14
60m Hurdles – Marvin Jackson 8.93
60m Hurdles – Aaron Vaughan 8.99
60m Hurdles – Demetres Greenwood 9.43
60m Hurdles – Jeremiah Friend 9.55
60m Hurdles – Jake Singly 9.61
4x400m Relay – 4. 3:28.50  SR

Marlon Clayton                             Perry Joseph
Jawaun Stuart                 Akim Muhammad

4x400m Relay – 3:40.08

Deletes Greenwood       Julian Nagata
Jake Singly                        Marvin Jackson

4x800m Relay – 8:25.74

Dixon Cooney                 Christopher Newell
Michael Janzer                Miguel Luna-Sanchez

4x800m Relay – 9:11.63

Jordan Bost                      Chris Le
Kurt Katzdorn                  Jonathan Dominguez

Triple Jump – 6. Marlon Clayton 13.81m



Complete McPherson Women’s Results:

60m Dash – 1. Jasmine Alexander 7.89
60m Dash – Cathy Lowry 8.345
60m Dash – Neka Dias 8.346
60m Dash – Jasmine Benson 8.49
200m Dash – Dajana Gliesche 27.37  PR
200m Dash – Neka Dias 27.81
200m Dash – Cathy Lowry 28.81
400m Dash – 5. Jasmine Alexander 1:01.70
600m Dash – Sierra Ulrich 2:11.32
1-Mile Run – Laura Gibson 5:38.46
1-Mile Run – Savana Cross 6:02.34  PR
1-Mile Run – Lauren Wankum 6:28.96
5000m Run – Miranda Ulrich 21:16.07
60m Hurdles – Dajana Gliesche 9.70
60m Hurdles – Naka Dias 9.74
4x800m Relay – 10:59.75

Laura Gibson                   Savana Cross
Miranda Ulrich                Damaje Markham

Long Jump – 6. Dajana Gliesche 5.30m  PR  SR
Triple Jump – Arryana Barton 10.57m
Shot Put – Arryana Barton 11.60m
Weight Throw – Arryana Barton 12.40m


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