Jason Weber, HHS Wall of Honor


by Sandra Coleman

Jason Weber, National Director of Foster Care Initiative for the Christian Alliance for Orphans, was recently inducted into the Haven High School Wall of Honor. Jason and his wife Trisha have been caring for children from U.S. foster care since 2001 and have had the privilege of adopting their own five children from foster care. After attending Kansas University, Jason invested himself in inner-city ministry, and it was here that he encountered, first hand, suffering children. His focus turned to the rejected, the lost, those who are too hurt to even cry. Right now in America more than 100,000 children are waiting to be adopted. Passionate about his calling to help children,

Jason places his trust totally in Jesus Christ to direct and sustain his mission. He serves churches that are a connecting link to unite people to do amazing things. Jason has written several books, one of which is the children’s book, Farmer Herman and the Flooding Barn, a true story about how Herman and 344 people came together to move the barn to solve a problem.

Herman and his son counted every board and knew the weight of each one. He calculated that the barn weighed over 16,000 pounds, and they decided they would need to build a steel grid for stability that would add another 3,000 lbs. He figured that if they had 344 people who each lifted 55 lbs, in theory  the barn could be moved. They carried the barn 115 ft. to the south up 6 feet of elevation, turned it 90 degrees, and set it back down. It took 20 minutes. Very powerful symbol of people working together to get big things done. The book can be purchased at at Carriage Crossings in Yoder, Ks.

Moving the barn to dry ground means providing “more than enough” for kids and families in foster care. The Christian Alliance for Orphans’ National Foster Care is working to gather the individuals, churches, and organizations necessary to work together in unity to move the barn. In addition to fostering parenting and adoption, there are many other ways to help: mentoring, court advocacy, providing child care to give families a break, volunteering at a camp for kids in foster care, providing families with wrap-around support, and providing case worker support and encouragement.

Jason has also written Bible studies and tools to serve churches as they care for hurting children. Jason writes a regular column for “Fostering Families Today” magazine, and is the host of the “Foster Movement Podcast,” which highlights the stories of former foster youth and national foster care advocates.

Jason and Trisha were recently recognized by the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute with the Angels in Adoption award. Jason and Trisha currently live in Plano, Texas. For more information about the Christian Alliance for Orphans, visit cafo.org/fostermovement


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