I remember: Don’t take thanksgiving for granted


How many times in life have we felt especially thankful for something and yet we didn’t take time to voice it, either to another person or to God who allowed it to happen? I must confess that I have done just that many times during my lifetime. It makes me wonder, “do we think people can read our minds?” Of course we know God can, but still, wouldn’t the one who created us appreciate some gratefulness occasionally?

I have noticed that throughout the many years I have lived, I have had many thoughts of thanking someone for some special thing they have done. I purposed in my heart to send a thank you note or make a phone call, first thing on Monday morning, only to have it slip my mind…completely. As an older person, we blame it on age but there is such a thing as “use it or lose it!”

Perhaps, you like I could write a book about all those times and we would constantly have to add to it.

We have just finished the Thanksgiving season again and have reminded ourselves how much we have of which to be grateful.  Sometimes we tend to look at only the bad things and we continually complain, forgetting that if we are a Christian, we have an open line to our God, the most powerful being, not only of the world, but of all the heavens.  Not only that, but we know He wants only the very best for us. One of the advantages of getting older, is that we remember the times when He worked out a bad situation to become something of which we learned a great truth, consequently it was to our good.

It is true, our country is in a mess in so many ways. We humans get so upset when it is not going the way we think it should so we run down the other person. Then the other person runs us down and the problem grows to a much bigger proportion and there no longer is an answer that will please us both. In the end, no one wins. Does “bellyaching” ever accomplish something to the good?

I have noticed people who don’t even claim to be a Christian say things like “I was so scared I prayed! or “I never prayed so hard in my life!” If these are the things they say when in trouble, it proves there is a point of God consciousness in their lives. Even though they have not accepted him as their own, they are well aware that a powerful God exists. It does seem that most people in our country are at least aware there is a God.

We who have accepted Him know the power of God, have been guided and helped by him. Sometimes He gives us the answer through His word. Sometimes he uses other fundamental Christians. Often, in our church at Medora, He uses our pastors and strong Biblical leaders to help us understand. They are men who are led by God, and they know how important it is to be directed by Him. It is a great comfort to have people who are there to help us when we need it. The ones who are actually doing what they are led by God to do and not for worldly acclaim or prestige. Let us be thankful for those who are willing to “go the second mile” to help us see the truth. The ones who “patiently explain” the Gospel truth until we get it.

It is a sad truth, but not every church in our country today is so privileged.

Let us be thankful to God forever looking out for us and all those inside our church. Let us not take him and others for granted. There are many things we need to keep us going in our spiritual life, and also many things for us to do. People need to be able to express their thoughts to someone and not  be laughed at. Instead we can be there to hear them and then tell them our thoughts about the situation as we point to the right Bible passages. People need to be “validated.” Certainly, we don’t have to agree with them but we can share what the Bible says about a situation.

I know, as one gets older, it is even sometimes hard to remember all the things we have learned in our lifetime.  Many times I send an SOS prayer to God to give me the right words to answer a question. He always hears me and helps me through my human “forgetfulness.”

If we are a “born-again” Christian, He has a reason for us to be on this earth and we have a job to do. I am so thankful for you readers and appreciate all you do.

Let us not take being thankful for granted!


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