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It’s quite a toss up this week whether to send out a Valentine recipe or another winner for the upcoming Superbowl? Well, the ‘Superbowl’ won the toss and I’m bringing out the famous sliders. This recipe did not originate from me, but I will say it had my adaptions when it was originally shared, in the Midwest Living Magazine several years ago. It’s a true winner when it comes to yummy sandwiches that end up stealing the show.

Our household plans are still ‘unknown’ for the play-off game this year. I don’t have a menu yet, and I don’t know where we are going to watch because we don’t have the networks for the big game. It’s more than a bit upsetting considering we have to keep inviting ourselves to homes of family and friends to watch the games. Not to mention our favorite programming that we haven’t seen for 2 years now. OK, I’m letting that one go, because it’s outside my range of influence!

The month of January was a rather quiet scene and now as we look at spring it’s filling up at rapid speeds. It’s all good things, that’s for sure, just filling in faster than I imagined. This week I was a little under the weather so instead of cooking Saturday evening we ordered out. Heavens to Betsy it was like $45. for a serving of spaghetti and pizza, granted it was good, but geez. It appears with the cost of eating out and the rush at restaurants I’ll once again plan our Valentine dinner.

Steak and shrimp are calling along with a simple potato and salad, sounds good to me.

Have fun playing around with the sliders, you can enjoy them with ham, turkey or beef. And the flavors inside the sammies can definitely be flipped around to satisfy even the pickiest eater. Invite over a few friends, or make a few just for yourself, by golly have a good time and just enjoy these delicious treats. Simply yours, The Covered Dish.

Well, I must apologize, I just re-examined the last time I ran these sliders and it was last year, at the very same time. When I checked the date, I thought it was 2013, instead it was 2023!!! I asked myself if I do the column over again, and

decided to let you see I’m human too and run with it!!! Let’s have an outstanding week my friends, and enjoy the many blessings surrounding us.

Turkey Sliders

2 (9 x 13) baking pans

Vegetable spray

1 1/2 lbs. deli shaved roast turkey

12 slices provolone

24 silver dollar rolls


2 tablespoons of butter

1 tablespoon flour

8 tablespoons whole cranberry sauce


1 stick butter

4 tablespoons brown sugar

3 teaspoons prepared mustard

2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce

Poppy Seeds

Begin with the filling. Melt butter and stir flour into the mixture then add the cranberry sauce and blend well. You will be using a 1/2 teaspoon on each slider. (I sometimes make more filling, because I’m a bit heavy handed.)

Cut the sliders in half laying them evenly in the 2 baking pans. Place the filling on one side and the meat and provolone on the either. Close the top down, at this stage I’ll cover them with saran until I’m ready to bake. Melt the butter and add all the remaining ingredients together until well blended. Using a brush coat the sammies with the topping. Sprinkle tops with poppy seeds. Bake in a 350-degree oven for 20-25 minutes.



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