Are you road ready?


Karma Metzgar, C.F.C.S., Regional Director, Nutrition Specialist, Northwest Region, University of Missouri Extension

As chilly temperatures arrive, it’s time to ensure that your car is winterized. It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling a long distance or just driving around town, it’s always best to have supplies packed and never have to use them than to be stuck, wishing you had.

Use this list to create a survival kit:

  • shovel
  • blankets or sleeping bag
  • candles for light and to provide warmth
  • can with sand or other container for burning the candles
  • matches
  • metal can to melt snow
  • plastic garbage bags or sheet of plastic for body wrap
  • extra warm clothing, gloves, headgear and footwear
  • flashlight and warning flares
  • extra coffee cans for wastes
  • sack of dry sand or pet litter to provide traction under tires
  • box of tissues or paper towels
  • toilet paper
  • transistor radio (so you don’t run your car battery down)
  • new batteries
  • booster/jumper cables
  • tow chain
  • ice scraper and/or snow brush
  • and a tall flag (those often used on ATV’s or bicycles, particularly if you are traveling through a hidden area)

If you are stranded during cold weather, you will require energy to stay warm and stay awake so you will want to include food as well. Foods that are good for your survival kit are dry cereal, nuts, boxed juices, dried fruit, crackers and hard candy. These foods tolerate variable storage temperatures, yet are good to eat most any time.

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