Three ways to save money in 2015


(NAPSI)—Good news for some homeowners looking to save money: Utility costs are your biggest housing expense after the mortgage, but there are more ways than ever to save on energy bills. Homeowners who act now can save thousands in the years ahead.

Connected Home Bliss

Beyond the convenience of controlling your home appliances from a smartphone, the ability to preset your dishwasher or adjust your heating to run during low usage times can save hundreds each year. Programmable thermostats alone can trim about $180 a year from your bill by reducing your heating or cooling when you need it least, according to Consumer Reports. Studies also show that the more you know about your energy usage, the more likely you are to conserve.

Swap and Save

Nearly half of your home’s energy use can come from products you plug into the wall. But hundreds of products, from computers to toasters, carry the ENERGY STAR energy-efficiency certification. Swapping old lightbulbs and household appliances for options bearing the government-backed ENERGY STAR label can immediately lower your energy bills. Choosing solar power can mean savings, too.

Solar Power For Less

SolarCity, America’s largest residential solar provider, recently introduced a program called MyPower that can help homeowners cut their utility bills by using solar energy to power their homes. MyPower can allow customers to pay less for solar than they previously paid for power from the utility each month. Visit to learn more.


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