Happy Thanksgiving Turkey tips

The Covered Dish


OK, I’m getting nervous, I’m a few steps behind of where I need to be in the prep for Thanksgiving. A few items have been checked off the list, but I’ve still got more to go. I didn’t look at my list today I just kept going——

Like many of you I have my last-minute list going, thus far it’s only about 6 items long, but I have a feeling by Wednesday morning it will greatly increase. A couple of weeks ago I shared a very simple recipe for a cranberry orange sauce made with chunky cranberry sauce, orange marmalade and honey. Today I made a nice batch for home and gifts. Still looking at one more run with apple butter before I wrap up my favorite week of the year. See, the truth is I wouldn’t miss any of this hubba hubba for anything! It’s probably my favorite week of the year. The pantry and overflow pantry are well stocked, so I can fix just about anything someone desires. There’s plenty of coffee and hot apple cider. If all goes well the tree will be up by Thursday morning, just not lit yet.

Every year the guests at our table change up. Like many of my friends I try to make sure everyone has a place to be on Thanksgiving. Many times, we don’t all fit around the big table, but that’s ok, it’s the fellowship that is so very special, and the reason for the gathering.

When the bird is all picked apart folks will be scrambling to figure out how they’re going to eat all this turkey bird! That’s never a problem at my home. So, this week I’ve chosen to give you ideas galore on how to use all those delicious leftovers. Here we go:

1. Hot rolls and turkey sandwiches, one of my favorites

2. Turkey & noodles

3. Thanksgiving wraps: turkey, dressing and cranberry sauce in a flour wrap

4. Potato cakes, leftover mashed potatoes with corn or green onions, fried

5. Soups of all kinds

6. Turkey Salad

7. Turkey & rice casserole

8. Turkey quesadillas

9. Turkey enchiladas, burritos or fajitas

10. Two teenage boys or my 22-year-old-

I knew you’d get a ‘hoot’ from this last one, hey it works, then you won’t have any leftovers to even think about!

If you’re trying to solve some of your gift ideas allow me to give some suggestions from 3 of my favorite places:

Petit Jean Meat, Morrilton, Arkansas: a delivery of their meat is outstanding. I would order the sliced ham, bacon, and summer sausage for a gift basket.

Bulone Enterprises, Lampe, Missouri: Italian foods and sauces, oh my goodness, everything here is divine.

Persimmon Hill Farms, Lampe, Missouri: Known for their blueberry thunder muffins. They actually arrive at your home in a giant muffin tin.

Start ordering now for these gifts. Most stop taking orders by mid-December.

Other ideas: Personally, I enjoy coffee gift cards, good music, candles, quilts, good friends, conversation, massages and some of my favorite magazines: Country Cottages, Tea Time and Southern Living, pedi’s and manicures, just to name a few! Maybe my list will give you some good ideas for your special someone.

Need to run my friends, hope your Thanksgiving meets all your expectations. Avoid the stress, as much as possible. Simply yours, The Covered Dish

WAIT! I just thought of another tip…I use Amazon and send dry fruit & nut plates. No refrigeration needed, and oh so good.


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