I remember: The Beauty of Autumn


By Doris Schroeder

The earth  of 2014 will soon be covered with the beautiful vivid colors of Autumn as the leaves turn into the most magnificent hues ever seen by man-kind and will drift down to cover the top of our land. Red, maroon, yellow, orange and gold among all shades of green leaves will dot the lawns and yards of Hutchinson as well as all the little towns surrounding it.

Our “fair city” will radiate and for a short span of time, we will feel the joy of living in God’s creation. The radiance of the sunshine will cast feelings of joy if we let it and we will experience His provision for us as we travel about in our daily lives.

The wild turkeys will come out even more along the old highway 61  between 43rd Ave. and Medora as they have already begun to do. We have observed the male turkey going ahead of his family and checking out the traffic to make sure it is safe.

At a signal from him the mother and the children dart across the road, safely to the other side. Another evidence of them being God created. It is also a reminder of how

He looks after us…if we let him.

It’s a lot like the people God has made to beautify the world…at least those who are following Him. My sister and I enjoyed the State Fair this week on the be-ginning of the cooler season. People were mostly happy to be at this yearly event and   it was a joy to smile and get a grin back. It was fun to watch the little ones in strollers, intently trying to take in life in general. If you smiled at them, they smiled back with the most innocent, radiant look, and for the moment, you feel life is wonderful. The innocence of a child is so fantastic to behold and you wish it could stay that way.

We started in the Pride of Kansas Bldg. and I showed Carol some of my painted gourds. We checked out a few of the booths and I saw the one that sold subscriptions to the Kansas Magazine, one of my favorite. I told the ladies of my experience two years ago when I had paid for a subscription with cash and had never received it.  I had lost the receipt so didn’t call in. The lady in charge took my word for it and issued me another. It was nice to see some trust in this world of upside down happenings.

My sister and I used to go on a few somewhat daring rides. Being older, however, we decided to take the “sky ride” one time instead of something that  spun around too much. After all, you just sit on it and can look about the grounds, it couldn’t be that bad.

When we had bought our ticket and walked up to the car, the attendant asked if we wanted it stopped to get on and we readily agreed. She was very helpful and got us on. Then we went higher and higher as the wind began to pick up and rocked  our car just a little. There was no foot rest, we noticed and our legs just dangled down. Neither one of us said much as we looked out over the grounds. In the back of my mind, I was so thankful I had a God who looked after me, even when I was sometimes a little foolhardy.

When we came to the end of our ride, several of the attendants were waiting for us and they stopped the ride and helped us off. That in itself was such a blessing.

We both admitted to each other later, we were a “little bit” scared but we were glad we had not given in to our fear.

Going back to the car, parked way over in the B8 Parking Lot, we were able to catch the grounds tram and then the parking lot tram without any problem, another example of God’s care. It turned out to be a wonderful day. even though we were windblown and tired.

Isn’t that how He works out our lives? There is so much in this old world that has gone wrong, simply because God is left out. He wants to be there for us and yes, even take care of us in a wonderful way…giving us the Autumn beauty and weather to enjoy. He will not, however, force it on us, he wants us to decide that is what we want with all our heart.

It is then we can do what we “auto” do, enjoy the beautiful  Autumn with all our being! It will give us something to hold onto when the storms are blowing our way!

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