The Covered Dish: Cucumber Marinade


I’ve been waiting to pen this column so I could share a recent ‘foodie funny’ with everyone!  Ervin and I ran over to Ridgedale, (Big Cedar Lodge area) to check some friends into our time share, for the weekend.  Since it was Memorial Weekend we didn’t even think of dining at any ‘good’ restaurants, on the way home.  Instead we stopped at a local hamburger joint.  Now it’s important to note that I truly do enjoy local dives and drive-ins, usually that is.   So I step up to the counter and see a fish basket special for dinner.  The person behind the cash register shows us, with her hands, how big the fish pieces are.  The hand gesture would have been about 6-8 inches long and approximately 3-4 inches wide.  That sounds good, so we place an order for a burger and the fish basket, (Ervin and I almost always share!).  After a bit of a wait, but not too long, the order arrives.  I’ve heard of fish tales, in fact I may have told a few of my own now and then, but this one took the cake.  The strips of fish must have been hit with the George Jetson gun.  My cod strips were the size of fish sticks!!!!  It was such a disappointment, but also such a giggle of a good time.   Reminds me how good a fried egg sandwich at home can truly be!


OK enough joking around let’s get to the recipe.  I ran this dish about four years ago, but recently made a few changes I think you will enjoy.  Not to mention I ate about two bowlfuls of the cucumbers for lunch today.  As we sail through the month of June I’m going to try and send lots of 4th of July ideas your way.  This recipe will be the first.


Growing up in Lewistown, Missouri, I can remember having this cucumber marinate.  Mom would get tired of fixing the vinegar base for her cucumbers and onions and sometimes switch to this recipe, just for a change.  Little did she know this format was always my favorite.


In the original recipe there isn’t any dill weed in the dish.  It would be a very refreshing take to use either fresh or dry dill with the cukes.  This week I used not only cucumbers in the dish but also radishes.  If you have trouble eating raw onions you may be able to enjoy them after they’ve soaked a few hours. The vinegar takes away some of the bite of the onion and really tames it down.  Then I began to think outside the box and had this epiphany:  Drain the marinate and put the vegetables on a ‘nice’ cod sandwich.  And I don’t mean fish sticks either!!!


For another change we cut the amount of sugar in the dish in half.  What you see in print today is my ‘new’ revised with only 1/4 cup granulated sugar.

Probably the best thing about the recipe is how you can keep adding to the dressing.  I usually do this at least one additional time.   The addition of the radishes is also a little new.  They can be omitted, but I found them a nice inclusion.


Let’s talk just a minute about cucumbers.  Many cannot tolerate the great big cucumbers sold at the grocery store.  I can’t remember the last time I purchased one.  To help with the possible reflux issues remember to use the little bitty canning/pickling cukes or English cucumbers, (Sealed in plastic.) in the recipe.


Here’s to a great week and plenty of relaxation time.  Simply yours, The Covered Dish.


Cucumber Marinade

1 cup mayonnaise

1/4 cup sugar

Vinegar to thin

4 cucumbers, peeled (or not) and thinly sliced

1 large bag of radishes, trimmed and sliced thin

1 medium Onion, thinly sliced

Dry or fresh dill

Salt & pepper to taste-


Blend the mayonnaise, sugar and vinegar with a whisk to smooth.  Cover the cucumbers, radishes, onions and dill with the dressing allowing it to marinate.  This will last about a week in the refrigerator.  Keep adding to the mixture.



Debbie Dance Uhrig


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